Porta Potty Roller Unit

roller unit

The Badgerland porta potty roller unit is specifically designed for use at high-rise construction sites. The unit can be easily lifted by crane or by elevator, and at just 33 inches wide, it is easy to maneuver through doorways and elevators. This type of porta potty is a high-rise contractor’s top choice because it allows employees to remain on the job site without having to travel all the way down to the ground floor just to use the restroom. This is a great addition to every high-rise or similar construction site to help increase day-to-day employee productivity.

We distribute these porta potty solutions all throughout the Southeastern Wisconsin area. For more information on the Badgerland porta potty roller unit, contact our staff or call us at 608-580-0580 today!

Unit Dimensions:
Height – 69 in. | Width – 33 in. | Length – 53 in.

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