Business Trash & Recycling Services

Prefer Carts? We have them for your business!

Trash Removal

LRS offers trash, garbage, & solid waste removal services for homes and businesses as well as industrial non-hazardous special waste pick up. Waste is collected in state-of-the-art trash collection vehicles and disposed of in subtitle D landfill facilities in Janesville that comply with local, state, and federal EPA regulations. You can trust that the waste you produce will be managed responsibly and ethically.

Recycling Collection

LRS offers single stream recycling recovery services for residents in our local communities. Recyclable items include plastics, paper, newspaper, cardboard, tin, aluminum, glass and metal. Items that can’t be collected for recycling include Styrofoam, wood, plastic grocery bags, food contaminated recyclables, needles, automotive parts, paints, stains, pesticides, diesel fuel, gasoline, car batteries, other combustibles, ceramics, pottery, aerosol cans and diapers. We offer 95, 65 gallons recycle containers. Rest assured that when we collect your recyclable materials we will send them to industry-leading material recovery facilities. These facilities sort and market materials to buyers around the world for reuse.

Our Lakeshore Recycling Systems name reflects our unique local Wisconsin appeal and defines our commitment to not only employing local residents that serve your communities but partnering with local communities. When you become a customer we provide local jobs and support Wisconsin’s economic success through city/county-owned municipal facilities for disposal and recycling.