Hand Wash Station

hand wash

Badgerland’s two-sided hand washing stations come with two soap dispensers and four paper towel dispensers. They arrive fully stocked with liquid hand soap and paper towels. The water flows through a foot-pump controlled system for hands-free use and reduced water usage. The sinks are completely self-contained, capable of holding 22 gallons of fresh water (approximately 350 uses before needing to be refilled). These units are great for special events of all sizes, construction sites, or any location where a hand washing option is necessary.

This two-sided hand washing station is also available with a heating element to provide warm water for handwashing purposes. However, an 110v/15amp outlet is required for this feature.

Badgerland delivers portable handwashing stations to locations all throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

For more information on the Badgerland Handwash Station, contact us or call us at 608-580-0580 today!

Height – 62 in. | Width – 26.5 in. | Length – 21.5 in.

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